Our bespoke service

Provides our clients with a unique offering, to build an utterly custom solution, to solve a specific challenge or attract your exact target audience.

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In this new world of work, new problems and issues require utterly new and innovative approaches to solve key strategic challenges. This means that many companies now either have incredibly interesting case studies to present or have a specific story to tell to a very particular group, be it job title, industry sector or the specific challenge they faced.

This means that rather than being part of a larger event, many of our clients now want to tell these stories in a more intimate and custom environment. We therefore consult, build, organise and populate an audience of attendees for you, through a number of different formats. Or we set up meetings for you, in the office of directors when they want to meet you and have a need.

This is a premium service, built specifically for each individual client and delivering premium results.

Our Services

  • Marketing Services

    Extend your reach and increase your brand to our director networks.

  • Event Management & Audience Generation

    Use our skills in designing and managing events tailored to your needs, gathering the leaders you want to reach.

  • Sales Process & Performance Consulting

    Advisory services to form new sales strategies, to reinvigorate your existing processes to provide extra revenue.

  • Bespoke Events

    Access our network and expertise to run workshops, case studies and training sessions to work with new contacts and future clients.

  • Meetings Services

    Our personal meetings service allows you to attract and open dialogue with hard to reach, director level contacts from our community of over 20,000 directors.


  • “It’s been really useful to learn from other HR Directors and to meet with relevant companies. Today has pushed my own thinking”

    Alistair Grey, HR Director, Blake Morgan LLP
  • “I felt engaged and have benefited from every session”

    HR Director
  • “Leaving the event pondering and reflecting on points made, especially some very good discussions held on leadership”

    HR Director
  • “I have attended a number of meetings arranged for me by Expedite and I can’t praise them highly enough for a first class experience.
    I have met innovative suppliers based on my challenges – which were facilitated for me by Expedite. Its safe to say that Expedite have saved us literally 100’s of hours in finding the right companies.
    I would recommend that you work with Expedite!”

    HR Director, Manufacturing Industry
  • “We have had a number of meetings, arranged by Expedite with HR Directors. In each case the individual has had a live project, a budget and time frame attached to resolve it and they want to meet us.
    We could not ask for better meetings”

    MD SLA Recruitment
  • “Expedite took our lengthy brief & swiftly came back with a company we did not know of, yet was an exact match in terms of our requirements. They then organised the meeting and set the scene for both parties. We are now working with the company they put forward”

    HR Director, Software
  • “Julie Markey from Ocado’s Key note speech was very good and enlightening.”

    Andrew Jackson
  • “I came here to learn and network, but found my supplier meetings were the most valuable aspect!”

    Elaine Dundon
  • “I think this was the best event that I’ve attended in the last few years. The meetings and all the speaker sessions I went to were great. I got to meet people that I wouldn’t usually get to meet at other events. The venue was by fa r,the best I’ve ever seen for a  networking event.”

    Alison McGuinness
  • “I thought it was very well organised. I found the supplier meetings were second to none. They were so good that I actually found time in the afternoon to add a few more meetings in! Brian Dunn was very good and I loved the food and venue.”

    Frances Duffy
  • “I thought it was exceptionally well organised. The great thing about the one to one sessions were that they were not hard selling. They spoke to me about information that I can use and take back to the office,which makes it more likely for me to use them. I also think this event had the highest level of delegates and best selection of industries that I’ve ever seen at an event before.”

    Cathy Dugmore
  • “I really liked the set up and how well it was organised. I thought Thomson Dunn’s meeting was excellent and I would like to have a follow up meeting with them. I thought the initial setting up of the event prior to the day was great so there were no surprises on the day which ensured I would be going to the most relevant sessions. I also thought the venue was fantastic!”

    Kester Withams
  • “I thought it was a superb Venue. The quality of hotel and the staff was incredible. I loved the fact the event was quite intimate and all the right kinds of delegates were there. The sessions were very engaging and I have learnt a lot that I will definitely be taking  back to my team!”

    Joe Ales
  • “Chara Balasubramaniam from Bayer Healthcare’s session was very good and I also found the 1 to 1 sessions very relevant and even got introduced to a few other providers that were not on my agenda and found that extremely useful.”

    Suzanne Hughes
  • “What an excellent venue. Your staff were very helpful and there was a lot of support around. The supplier meetings were very good and very useful. All in all, it was a very well organised event with interesting bits of content.”

    Margaret Howson
  • “I only came for 1 day, but  I will definitely be coming for both days next time. Julie Markey from Ocado’s session and Tim Pointer from Pentland Brand’s sessions were excellent. I also thought there was plenty of time to network with peers in between sessions.”

    Philip Burgess
  • “A very good event. I found the workshop sessions very interesting and the one to one meetings with suppliers were very relevant to my current challenges. It was an excellent venue and the event as a whole was very well organised.”

    Julie Gallagher