Bespoke Events

Given we are in a time of unprecedented and unrelenting change, many companies require ever more creative solutions to their complex, business specific needs. You may have just worked on a cutting edge project, with a client who is willing to discuss the challenge they faced, what they were looking for and the solution they eventually found – YOU!

Bespoke Events are built and tailored to your business-specific needs from the ground up, in order to
deliver against very specific goals. We look after everything, to ensure that we deliver the very highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction, at a level and price point which most companies cannot compete with, if they try and achieve the same results internally.

Many organisations make the mistake of simply pushing a product or service at their target market when organising an event. We have learned through constant contact with C level decision makers that this is rarely something which appeals to them – and certainly not something they are prepared to take valuable time away from their core role to attend. We focus on building an agenda which concentrates on the particular ‘pain’ points that your specific target audience are suffering from, which your product, service or solution can help to resolve. We will then, as a trusted partner to both sides, produce an agenda which is compelling and use our relationships to bring a relevant and cutting edge thought leader, with the pull to attract the C level attendees you require, while balancing the relevance of the individual and topic to your solution.

The Process/How

  • We consult with you fully to understand what you want to achieve, within what time frame and what budget is available to achieve your business specific requirements

  • We agree on the specific target market and level of decision maker whose attendance you wish to attract

  • A team is then put in place to manage your account from inception to delivery, taking care of the agenda, thought leadership, the programme, operational requirements and delivery of C level decision-maker participants

  • Our skilled consultants then build a bespoke agenda which will deliver against your specific goals, in terms of level of attendee, number of attendees, length of event, date of event and most suitable location

  • Once the all aspects of the event have been agreed our consultants will then contact the Directors directly, leveraging our relationships as a benign third party to expedite the entire process

  • We deliver a truly exceptional experience for the C level attendees and in doing so, provide you with the necessary access and engagement to your target market allowing you to build new relationships and ultimately produce more sales

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Get impartial expert advice, to gain the maximum return on your investment

  • Outsource all aspects of delivery, allowing you to focus on your core activity

  • Provide unparalleled insight into what will attract your target audience

  • Save time and money in all aspects of design and delivery

  • Be regarded as 'The Thought Leader in Your Field' among your target market

  • Provide the ultimate experience to your target audience creating total brand recall

  • Experience the highest levels of access and engagement with C level decision makers

  • Win more new business

Bespoke Events Services

  • Breakfast Briefing

    Presentations and facilitated discussions on relevant newsworthy topics or current industry challenges.

  • Executive Roundtable

    A powerful boardroom style debate with senior professionals led by your speakers and representatives.

  • Lunch & Learn

    Discussions and debates or short presentations and social networking over a fabulous lunch.

  • Full Service Events

    We plan and deliver a full-service event, end to end meeting package or marketing touch campaign for you.