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There is unprecedented change taking place in the world of Work, The Workforce and The Workplace. This change means that many organisations need to find new solutions to new problems. With this change comes unprecedented opportunity for the right partners to now work with these organisations, to help them solve their key strategic challenges, to which they have assigned significant importance to, in terms of spend and time frames to solve them.

Coupled with this demand, is the challenge of finding which provider is the right fit for them and their respective business’s. The relationships we have built with C level directors allow us to speak with them on a regular basis, to understand who requires assistance in finding the most suitable solutions to their biggest challenges now.

Conversely – gaining quality business meetings. — It is a universally difficult part of business development, and therefore the most common roadblock to growing your company through increased profitable sales.

Are you frustrated because you have valuable sales leads but find setting up quality sales meetings difficult and time consuming? Is there a break in the follow-up process where good leads are not converting into successful sales engagement? Do you believe there’s something going on inside your target accounts but you just can’t get quality time to discuss it? Do you struggle to gain access to senior decision makers? Is your ability to truly engage with decision makers a problem? Are you missing opportunities because you couldn’t reach the decision maker when they were looking to buy?

Then use our Bespoke Meetings services to increase sales.

If you spend valuable time and money generating leads, only to see them wasted because they don’t turn into sales meetings, then you need Expedite to turn sales leads into meetings and make sure the meetings happen. Expedite offers an unparalleled bespoke meetings service to ensure you can turn leads into new business.

Sales people are short of time, so after a few failed attempts at appointment setting even valuable leads can get rejected. However, when Expedite arranges these important face-to-face meetings, we make sure valuable opportunities are not lost and wasted. We use our years of experience and leverage the relationships we have built to ensure that we make the right appointments for you and generate the best sales opportunities.

The Process/How

  • We consult with you fully to understand the task at hand, where your target market is, who you already work with and those organisations you wish to target.

  • A meeting or conference call is then booked between the team working on your behalf and your team to establish in detail how we position your value proposition.

  • Once you are happy with our understanding, our skilled consultants leverage our existing C level relationships and directly call these individuals.

  • We have the ability to qualify whether a target has a need, a budget and the desire to meet a supplier.

  • If this is the case we then champion you as the supplier of choice.

  • We come back to you with feedback; if you are satisfied, a meeting is signed off, in the office of the director and at a time and date convenient to both parties.

  • We reconfirm the meeting nearer the time

  • We can suggest a list of recommended questions and actions based on what we have already learned, to enable you to make the most of the appointment.

  • Feedback on the project is provided weekly between us and you.

  • Typically we deliver six or twelve highly qualified Bespoke Meetings within a six month period at a fixed cost.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Gain value by receiving an agreed number of meetings at a fixed price.

  • Win more deals: never lose sales leads just because a prospect is unavailable or too busy to talk when you call.

  • Save time and increase productivity: Let us fill your sales peoples’ diaries with valuable sales meetings.

  • Increase the effectiveness of the sales cycle: at the very point where it often falters.

  • Leverage our existing relationships: this means cutting down on the cost and time of developing meetings while harnessing the power that we hold as a benign, trusted third party.

  • Reduce the time and cost of generating new business.

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